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Asirelli P., Billi C., Inverardi P. Selective refutation of integrity constraints in deductive databases. In: MFDBS 89 - 2nd Symposium on Mathematical Fundamentals in Database Systems (Visegrad, Hungary, 26 - 30 June 1989). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 11. Janos Demetrovics, Bernhard Thalheim (eds.). (Lecture notes in computer science, vol. 364). Springer, 1989.
In the last ten years Logic Programming has been a very active and successful area of research. One effect of that success is that it has made people aware of the advantages of logic, both as a new approach (declarative) to solve old problems and as a new language philosophy to build tools to be integrated with existing applications. One of the interesting area of applications of logic, has been to deductive databases and query languages for databases such as Datalog programs. This paper falls into the area of deductive databases seen as a Horn clause logic program. With this approach integrity constraints are considered as first order formulas that have to be logical consequences of suitable models of the given program. Updates to the database foresee for integrity checking that can be very inefficient.
Subject Deductive database
Integrity Constraints

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