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Lazzerini B., Lopriore L. Abstraction mechanisms for event control in program debugging. In: IEEE Transactions Software Engineering, vol. 15 (7) pp. 890 - 901. IEEE, 1989.
In the event-action model or interactions between the debugging system and the program being debugged, an event will occur on the evaluation of a conditional defined in terms of the program activity if the evaluation yields the value true, and an action is an operation l performed by the debugging system on the occurrence of an event. This paper presents a set of mechanisms for expressing conditionals at different levels of abstraction. At the lowest level, we have the simple conditionals, which can be expressed in terms of the values or the program entities and of the execution or the program statements. Simple conditionals can be grouped to form higher-level compound conditionals, which can be expressed in terms of the state and flow histories. The paper shows that the proposed abstraction mechanisms are powerful tools for monitoring program activity. The adequately support different debugging techniques, and offer the user a considerable degree of contrrol over the debugging experiment.
Subject Action
Break trap
Flow history
State history
Trace trap

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