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Ammannati P., Siravo D., Azzarelli L., Chimenti M., Salvetti O., Farina C., Gervasi G. Decrease of diffusion of glycosylated albumin in retinal microcirculation by peptide fraction from bovine factor VIII. In: Biotechnology in Drug Research, vol. 39 (I) pp. 639 - 742. Springer-Verlag, 1989.
The diffusion of the glycosylated albumin in the retinal vascular system has been studies in male New Zealand rabbits, using fluorangiographic techniques. A first group of animals was treated for 15 days with the peptide fraction from bovine Factor VIII; a second group, used as control group, was treated with physiological solution. At the end of treatment, glycosylated albumin was made fluorescence and then injected and the marginal vein of the rabbit. The direct observation and the photometric measurements performed on the digitized photograms with an image processing system showed a considerable reduction in retinic capillary diffusion of glycosylated albumin in the animals treated with the peptide fraction. The substance used in the study might therefore be of importance in the treatment of systemic disease with retinic vascular damage.
Subject Albumin
Haemostatic drugs
Peptide fraction
From bovine Factor VIII
Retinal microcirculation

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