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Barcaro U., Bonanni E., Denoth F., Murri L., Navona C., Stefanini A. A study of the interhemispheric correlation during sleep in elderly subjects. In: Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, vol. 6 (2) pp. 191 - 199. American Electroencephalographic Society, 1989.
The interhemispheric relationship during sleep in elderly subjects was studied throughout the night by a minute-by-minute computation of two linear correlation coefficients between right and left EEG activities. One of these coefficients (Xߜ) related to the 1-4-Hz band activity, and the other (Xߜσ) to the 12.5-14.5-Hz band activity. For five of the six subjects examined, it was found that the rapid-eye-movement (REM) mean values of both coefficients were significantly different from the nonrapid-eye-movement (NREM) values. A comparison between this elderly group and a control group of young subjects, examined previously, did not reveal any significant shift, either for the REM or for the NREM mean values of the coefficients.
Subject EEG
Interhemispheric relationship
REM-NREM cycle
Elderly subjects

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