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Vaccarelli A., Corsini G. Analisi delle prestazioni di un sistema di ricostruzione di immagini radar 3-D. In: Settima riunione nazionale di Elettromagnetismo applicato. (Frascati, Italy, 5 - 8 September 1988). Atti, pp. 401 - 404. CNR - Comitato nazionale per le Scienze di Ingegneria e Architettura (eds.). 1988.
This paper deals with the analysis of a system for 3-D image reconstruction of a radar target. The resolution attainable by the system is discussed in the case of rectilinear motion of the target and for a multifrequency transmitted signal format. The reconstructed image represents fhe projection of the object reflectivity function along a direction orthogonal to the resolution plane. Some simulation results illustrating the feasibility of the image technique are reported.

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