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Conti P., Rabitti F. Retrieval of multi-media document images in MULTOS. In: ESPRIT '87 - Achievements and impact : Proceedings of the 4th annual ESPRIT conference (Brussels, Belgium, 1987). Proceedings, vol. 2 pp. 1389 - 1412. Commision of the European Communities (ed.). North-Holland, 1988.
In this paper we address the problem of retrieving images from large databases of multi-media documents, containing images as components. The queries are specified giving a partial description of the image content. The image analysis process, which is specific for an application domain described in advance to the system, is outlined in the various phases. Images, both pictorial and graphical, are represented using a structural approach and are interpreted according to the theory of evidence. The retrieval process is executed on the access structures generated by the image analysis process.
Subject Low level image analysis
High level image analysis
Image understanding
Attributed relational graphs
Pictorial images
Graphical images
Image storage
Image retrieval
Image query language

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