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Bertino E., Rabitti F., Thanos C., Converti A., Savino P., Eirund H., Kreplin K. Multos - a filing server for multimedia documents. In: EURINFO '88 - First European Conference on Information Technology for Organisational Systems (Athens, Greece, 16-20 May 1988). Proceedings, pp. 435 - 442. H.J. Bullinger et al. (eds.). North-Holland, 1988.
This paper describes the intermediate results of the ESPRIT project MULTOS in the area of Document Filing Systems. The aim of the project is to provide efficient and flexible document retrieval techniques on large amount of multimedia documents. The document model used for the creation of access structures for document retrieval, the query strategies, and the automatic c1assification techniques of foreign documents are described in detail. This work has been funded in part by the Commission of the European Communities as ESPRIT-Project No. 28. Partner in this Project are Ing. C. Oliveni S.p.A. (I), Cretan Research Center (GR), IEI-Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (I), TA Triumph-Adler AG (D), Bauelle Instilut e.V. (D), Mnemonica Computer Services Lld. (GR) Estudios y Realizaciones en Informatica Aplicada, S. A. (E)

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