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Azzarelli L., Chimenti M., Salvetti O. Distributed systems for image processing in Digital Radiology. In: "Planning Considerations in Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy": the fifth international Symposium on the Planning of Radiological Departments. (Firenze, Italy, 1988). Proceedings, pp. 318 - 321. A. Chiesa, R. Gasparotti, R. Maroldi (eds.). Clas International, 1988.
As data and digital images used in Radiology are to be organized efficiently, two basic classes of problems should be resolved: (i) problems concerning the tools needed to carry out specific functions, and (ii) problems related to the design of operating environments which could be easy to use and highly reliable. In general, a system for the numerical processing of radiologic images should include functions able to: - create archives with variable configurations; - extend or modify the system, as necessary, in order to be up-dated with technological developments; - execute standard procedures; - create «ad hoc» procedures in order to analyze the images resulting from diagnostic or research activities.
Subject Distributed systems
Image processing
J.3 Life and Medical Sciences. Medical information systems

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