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Perri G., Trippi D., Camerini E., Salvetti O., Bozzi R., Azzarelli L. Application of the DIRIS system in diagnostic radiology. In: "Planning Considerations in Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy": fifth International Symposium on the Planning of Radiological Departments. (Firenze, Italy, 1988). Proceedings, pp. 46 - 50. A. Chiesa, R. Gasparotti, R. Maroldi (eds.). Clas International, 1988.
This paper presents a number of applications of a work station based on a personal computer which can operate both independently and as part of a distributed system. The examples given refer to skeletal and vascular radiology. The processed images have been obtained from the high resolution digitizing of X-rays and films of different size, by developing and applying algorithms for noise cleaning, edge enhancement and detection, and geometric and radiometric parameter measuring. The results are displayed on a monitor to operate suitable visual representation. Image data and tabular data can be stored and processed automatically by the system. The operator uses the work station interactively to access tables, drawings, graphs and images stored in the system data base and in previously derived reference archives (e.g. atlases, etc.). The user system uses pointer devices to identify those regions of the image in which the parameters needed for diagnostic purpose are to be measured.
Subject J.3 Life and Medical Sciences. Medical information systems

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