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Ancilotti P., Bertolino A., Fusani M. An approach to efficient distributed transactions. In: Distributed Computing, vol. 2 pp. 201 - 212. Springer, 1988.
Most distributed systems proposed on the basis of the concept of atomic action or transaction strongly limit parallelism, thus reducing their level of efficiency. In this paper, features of efficiency in a distributed transaction system are investigated. Two mechanisms are proposed in order to enhance potential concurrency both among different transactions and within a single transaction during the commit phase: - a synchronization mechanism has been designed which suggests an approach to concurrency control by allowing the release of acquired locks before transaction completion. The possibility of exploiting this mechanism to implement nested transactions is also discussed. - a distributed commit protocol is developed which enhances concurrency among the participants in an atomic action, thus achieving quick execution with high modularity.
Subject Distributed systems
Concurrency control
Commit protocols

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