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March R. Computation of stereo disparity using regularization. In: Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 8 pp. 181 - 187. North Holland, 1988.
The computation or stereo disparity is a mathematically ill-posed problem. However, using regularization theory it may be transformed into a well-posed problem. Standard regularization can be employed to solve ill-posed problems by using stabilizing functionals that impose global smoothness constraints on acceptable solutions. However, the presence of depth discontinuities causes serious difficulties in standard regularization, since smoothness assumptions do not hold across discontinuities. This paper presents a regularization approach to stereopsis based on controlled-continuity stabilizing functionals. These functionals provide a spatial control over smoothness, allowing the introduction of discontinuities into the solution. An iterative method for the computation or stereo disparity is derived, and the result of a computer simulation with a synthetic stereo pair or images is shown.
Subject Stereopsis
Depth computation
Ill-posed problems

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