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Bramanti M., Salerno E. On the PSF of a forward-scattering coherent tomographic technique. In: IEE Proceedings. Part H: Microwaves, antennas and propagation, vol. 135 (5 (October)) pp. 356 - 358. IEEE, 1988.
The resolution and dynamic range performances of a forward-scattering tomographic imaging technique are evaluated by a computer-aided reconstruction of the spread function (PSF), first for a strictly theoretical case and then, taking into account the effect of certain parameters, for real conditions. The width of the main lobe of the PSF is considered as an index of the resolution power of the technique; the ratio between the peak value of the PSF and the maximum value of the ambiguity artifacts is considered as an index of the dynamic range of the technique. The results obtained are summarised in order to be able to appreciate the changes in the features of the PSF as functions of the number of different views, the distance of the scanning area from the rotation axis of the object to be imaged, and the size of the scanning area.
Subject Nondestructive testing
Microwave imaging

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