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Bertino E., Rabitti F., Gibbs S. Query Processing in a multimedia document system. In: ACM Transactions on Office Information Systems, vol. 6 (1) pp. 1 - 41. ACM, 1988.
Query processing in a multi media document system is described. Multimedia documents are information objects containing formatted data, text, image, graphics, and voice. The query language is based on a conceptual document model that allows the users to formulate queries on both document content and structure. The architecture of the system is outlined, witb focus on the storage organization in which both optical and magnetic devices can coexist. Query processing and the different strategies evaluated by our optimization algorithm are discussed.
Subject Algorithms
Office document retrieval systems
Query optimization
H.2.1 Database Managment. Logical Design. Data Models
H.2.3 Database Management. Languages. Query Languages
H.2.4 Database Management. System. Query Processing
H.3.4 Information Storage and Retrieval. System and Software
H.4.1 Information System Application. Office Automation

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