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Fantechi A., Gnesi S., Inverardi P., Mazzanti F. Feasibility of a mapping from the ADA formal definition to the NYU SETL interpreter for ADA. The Draft Formal Definition of ADA, Commission of the European Communities: multi-annual programme. Internal note IEI-B4-04, 1987.
This report refers to the workpackage Q whose purpose is "to study the extent to which the Ada FD of this project may be correlated to the existing SETL programmed interpreter for Ada as developed by the New York University". To this extent a description of both the projects is given which serves as a basis for the comparison of the two approaches. In the following section, the architecture of the NYU interpreter and that of the Ada FD are given thus allowing to point out which are, with respect to semantic issues, the most relevant components, namely the interpreter part of the NYU and the dynamic semantics part of the Ada FD. Section 3 analyzes the existing semantics differences proposing a relation which seems to us the most reasonable. A simple example is used for this purpose.
Subject ADA language

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