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Grandoni F., Lenzini L., Strigini L. An algorithm for distributed management of traffic on interconnected networks. In: IFIP TC6 Workshop on LAN Managment. (Berlin, Germany, 2 - 3 July 1987). Proceedings, I.N. Dallas, E.B. Spratt (eds.). North-Holland, 1987.
High-bandwidth fiber-optics networks have a potential for wide-area coverage through incremental interconnection of local -and metropolitan- area subnetworks. With packet-switching, these networks can support integrated services. As the size of the network increases, the problem of network management becomes more complex. Protocols used in current, slow packet-witched networks cannot be economically extended to broadband networks: simpler protocols are needed. This paper proposes a very simple algorithm for allocating bandwidth to internetwork connections on such a composite network, so as to avoid bandwidth congestion when supporting connection-oriented applications. This algorithm uses distributed control to achieve robustness and flexibility, and requires little intelligence in internetwork gateways, so that it can be easily implemented in hardware.

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