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Asirelli P., Castorina P., Dettori G. A proposal for a graphic-oriented logic database system. In: The Second International Conference on Computers and Applications (Beijing, Peking, Peoples Republic of China, 23-27 June 1987). Proceedings, pp. 350 - 357. IEEE, 1987.
The paper discusses problems related to integrating a graphic standard and a database management system in a logic programming framework. The ultimate aim of the integration is to develop a system which allows the user to work with a completely graphical environment, while taking advantage of the facilities of logic and databases. This means to offer the ability to operate with graphic objects and to generate other objects by deduction from those already existing in the database, as well as the ability to prove properties of objects in the considered environment. This integration proposal represents a generalization of a system which is at present under development, and which is based on the prototype logic dabases management system EDBLOG integrated with PHOGS, a subset of the Phigs Graphic Standard.

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