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Alia G., Barsi F., Martinelli E., Tani N. Angular spline : a new approach to the interpolation problem in Computer Graphics. In: Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing, vol. 39 pp. 56 - 72. Academic Press, 1987.
A method to interpolate ordered sets of points is presented. This method is based upon a new spline function (the angular spline) which has been derived on the basis of geometrical considerations and whose parametric expressions use a properly chosen angle as a parameter. The method has several important features, e.g., smoothness, continuity, flexibility, local property and invariance under affine transformations. Moreover, the only information required are the data points to be fitted. The main analytical and geometrical properties are proved and several examples are given to show the graphical behaviour of the interpolation method and the ability to reproduce a vast variety of shapes.

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