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Bonanni E., Murri L., Stefanini A., Barcaro U., Denoth F., Navona C. Topografic variations in EEG asymmetry during sleep. In: Functional Neurology, vol. 2 (1) pp. 79 - 85. CIC Edizioni Internazionali, 1987.
EEG signals were recorded in 11 normal subiects from F4-C4, F3-C3, P4-02 and P3-01 during both stage 2 and the REM stage of each NREM/REM cycle. The logarithm of the right/left ratio for the power in the range of the various frequency bands showed a prevalent right-side asymmetry only with the fronto-central derivations. This trend, observed for all frequency bands, remained stable over the various NREM/REM cycles with the exception of the last one. These data indirectly support the hypothesis that the right hemisphere is more heavily involved in dreaming than the left, and suggest a prevalent involvement of the anterior regions.
Subject Hemispheric asymmetry
Quantitative EEG

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