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Bramanti M. Microwave tomography : some results about its imaging performances. In: EMBS 1986 - IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 8th Annual Conference. (Forth Worth, Texas (USA), 7 - 10 November 1986). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 5. George V. Kondraske, Charles J. Robinson (eds.). IEEE, 1986.
Two fundamental types of coherent, diffraction based tomographic techniques were examined: i) tomography were the forward scattered field is received and processed for different angular positions of transmitter-receiver set; ii) tomography were the backscattered field from the explored body is received and processed for different angular positions of the explored body. The results obtained about the influence of the matching conditions for the case i), about the influence of the frequency range value used in exploration for the case ii) are presented.
Subject Microwave techniques

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