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Corsini P., Lopriore L., Strigini L. A task-controlled memory managing system for capability-based addressing architectures. In: SCS 85 - First International Conference on Supercomputing Systems (St. Petersburgh, Florida, USA, December 1985). Proceedings, pp. 575 - 582. IEEE, 1986.
The problem of implanting an extremely wide segmented virtual memory space on a bulk memory and on a main memory of acceptable sizes is considered. A solution is proposed with reference to capability-based addressing environments and high-level languages supporting the modular decomposition of programs. Our efforts were aimed, essentially, at: i) reducing the size of and access time to system tables for segment relocation, while keeping average segment dimension low at will; ii) taking advantage of the information concerning memory usage contained in source programs; and iii) avoiding congestion of input/output devices due to swapping.

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