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Denoth F., Zappoli R., Wenegrat B. Current methodological issues in ERP research: some remarks and proposals. A review. vol. Suppl. 38 pp. 3 - 17. "Current Psychophysiology: studies in event-related potentials". W. Mccallum, R. Zappoli, F. Denoth (eds.). 1986.
It is not the purpose of this paper to review all current equipment, recording techniques and analysis methods. Our intention is rather to focus on selected critical aspects which should always be considered before any data are processed. In particular we will consider the problems of electrode coupling, choice of reference and interpolation of space-data. These problems have been treated previously by a number of other authors (Goldman 1950; Knott 1969; Osselton 1969; Ragot and Rémond 1978; Hjorth 1980; Lehmann and Skrandies 1980; Desmedt and Cheron 1981; Duffy et al. 1981. Duffy 1982). However, in our view, they still require additional emphasis, particularly with respect to the negative effects which can be introduced when some of the basic rules are neglected. In the final section of this chapter Dr. Wenegrat re-examines some of the problems raised by eye artefacts, with particular reference to their abnormally high incidence in certain patient groups. He also suggests criteria which might be used to assess the effectiveness of particular methods of control and the way they are applied.

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