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Asirelli P., Castorina P., Mainetto G. Logic databases and graphics: a proposal for integration. Internal note IEI-B85-10, 1985.
In this paper we present a proposal to integrate a database management system based on logic (definite deductive database management system) with a graphic environment reflecting the functionalities offered by major graphic standard proposals (GKS-3D and PHIGS). The main advantage of such an . approach is to build an integrated logic environment to handle both graphic and non-graphic information. The integration will allow to deal with graphic objects (segments) as database objects on which facts and deductive rules can be defined to express non graphic properties. Integrity constraints can be handled so that consistency checking can be performad on both graphic and non-graphic properties of objects. A proposal for transactions handling is also presented which, besides multiple definitions of operations, both non-graphic and graphic, (e.g. visualization), will allow to define operations with pre and post conditions. Such a proposal will then be suitable to specialize operations depending on the types of the objects.
Subject Database management system

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