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Mancini P., Ciompi P., Simoncini L. Stable paths for an efficient recovery in real-time distributed systems. In: Safety of Computer Control Systems 1985 (IFAC SAFECOMP '85). Proceedings (Como, Italy, 1-3 October 1985). Proceedings, pp. 117 - 121. W. J. Quirk (ed.). PERGAMON PRESS, 1985.
This paper deals with the problem of communication in a distributed system, composed by nodes connected in a local area network. The system must continue its operation in the event of a node crash. In the system, agent functions cooperate and request services to server functions through message passing. The ability of server functions to provide continuous service,in presence of a node crash in a real-time and highly available environment, is obtained with the replication of the server functions in two different nodes (Master and Stand-by). A solution which allows a stable communication between agent and server functions is presented. This solution allows a role switching between the Master and the Stand-by without any loss of m~ssages or need of retry of messages; this role switching is fully transparent to the agent functions.
Subject Local area network
distributed system

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