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Strigini L., Avizienis A. Software fault-tolerance and design diversity : past experience and future evolution. In: IFAC Workshop SAFECOMP '85. Proceedings - (Como, Italy, 1985). Proceedings, pp. 162 - 172. 1985.
Interest in software fault-tolerance (following an interest in fault-tolerance in general, and prompted by the so called "software crisis") is now exhibited by many institutions. Though many software fault tolerance techniques are known, their use is limited by the lack of consistent, flexible methodologIes, of support mechanisms in operating systems and of design tools. In this paper, we discuss the known software tault~tolerance techniques, with particular reference to the two coherent methodologies proposed, MulL tiple Version Software and Recovery Blocks. We argument that a more gen~ eral methodology is needed for use in complex software system, and outline how the necessary mechanisms could be included in low~level system software.
Subject Computer applications
computer software
fault tolerance

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