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Briatico D., Ciuffoletti A., Simoncini L., Strigini L. An implementation of error detection and fault treatment for the muteam prototype. In: Distributed Processing Technical Committee Newsletter, vol. 7 (2) pp. 22 - 29. IEEE, 1985.
MuTEAM is a prototype system developed in the frame of the National Computer Science Program of the Italian National Council of Researches. It has been designed with the aim of investigating multiprocessor architectures with high degree of modularity both in hardware and in software, high degree of robustness, as a capacity of resisting to hardware and software failures, and a high degree of efficiency, with high throughput and low overhead of the operating system. To obtain these goals, the design has been based on using decentralized control techniques for both resource management and fault treatment. Central controls have been avoided at logical level, to avoid the presence of single points of catastrophic failure; the kernel of the operating system has been distributed in the system, and it implements mechanisms for communication, protection and process management; independent policies can be implemented in each different node composing the system; termination handling is used for enforcing synchronization mechanisms, and different terminations may be used to provide an exception handling mechanism.

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