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Bramanti M., Tonazzini A., Salerno E. Some theoretical aspects of a backscattering based tomographic imaging technique. Internal note IEI-B84-25, 1984.
In [1] a particular coherent tomographic technique was proposed for determining the scattering strength function g inside a body by suitable processing the backscattered field. The method allows to obtain the Fourier Transform of g on any preassigned number of spectral rings with radii proportional to the frequency values of the exploring radiation. The aim of this paper is to determine the performances of the above said reconstruction method with respect to the choice of the exploring frequencies and to the number of explorations themselves. Particular reference was made to microwave exploration but the derived criteria may be directly applied also to ultrasound based methods. Finally the resolving capability of the reconstruction method was studied in the case of two point scatterers in an homogeneous environment.

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