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Briatico D., Ciuffoletti A., Simoncini L., Strigini L. Error detection/fault treatment in the MUTEAM system. Internal note IEI-B84-06, 1984.
MuTEAM constitutes a continuing effort to investigate the entiality of control decentralization in the design of multimicroprocessor systems. The architecture which has been so far designed and implemented provides a set of mechanisms,in the harware, in the kernel and in programming language, to help the exploitation of decentralized non-hierarchical policies for both resource management and fault treatment. In this paper a possible ED/FT (Error Detection/Fault Treatment) policy is described, and the functionality of a precompiler, for its implementation at a very high level, is detailed. The use of such a tool allows complete transparency to the user of the redundancy which is necessary for a reliable computation.

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