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Carbone B., Ferrucci M., Perfetti C., Starita A. Un dispositivo a microprocessore per la riabilitazione dell'arto superiore ed inferiore dell'emiplegico. In: Rassegna di Bioingegneria, vol. 8 (1-3) pp. 113 - 120. numero speciale 'Dinamica del movimento'. Pitagora Editrice Bologna, 1984.
Suppression of the abnormal stretch-reflex, for the more advanced rehabilitamethods, it is the fundamental task as the first step of a real recovering process. Recovering process means a new, gradual learning of the motor control modalities, through the most suitable afferencies, pursued with, exercises of growing complexity. On this basis, it has been realized a device for the rehabilitation, both of the superior and inferior limbs, made up of modular mechanical component parts, controlled by means of a microprocessor. During the rehabili tative training for achieving the motor control of the stretch-reflex, carried on wi th the device, the hemiplegic patient can use tactile afferiences, as the finger pressure measured with the device, or kinesthetic afferiences, as the velocity of the moving parts of the device. The device can be connected with a computer for the data collection and their off-line processing. The prototype of the device i t is now experimentally used in clinical environment.

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