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Murri L., Stefanini A., Bonanni E., Muratorio A., Goldstein L., Navona C., Denoth F. Analisi automatica dell'asimmetria interemisferica EEG nelle sindromi epilettiche. In: Bollettino Lega Italiana Epilessia, vol. 45/46 pp. 199 - 203. LICE, 1984.
This paper reports on two studies revealing differences in the EEG asymmetry during cognitive tasks in normals and patients with temporal lobe epilepsy, all right-handed, with right or left focus. The power in different frequency bands was measured and the values were expressed as logarithm of R/L ratios. In the first experiment, recordings were made from F_4, F_3, T_4, T_3 referenced to C_z, while the subjects engaged in visuo-motor tasks. In the second experiment the EEG was recorded trom P_4-O_2 and P_3-O_1 during passive auditory perception tasks. The results show a difference between normals and patients, especially using auditory tasks. The patients with temporal lobe epilepsy often failed to display task-dependent shifts in EEG asymmetry between conditions.

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