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Corsini P., Simoncini L., Strigini L. MUTEAM : a multimicroprocessor architecture with decentralized fault treatment. In: Seventeenth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 1984 (Hawaii, ). Proceedings, vol. vol. I pp. 206 - 213. Edited by J.P. Fry, R.R. Panko, Sprague,R.H. and L. Weissman. 1984.
MUTEAM is aimed at experimenting in the field of decentralized control policies for error treatment and resource management. This paper contains a brief discussion of the design philosophy, followed by a description of the hardware, operating system kernel and fault-tolerance mechanisms. The fault-treatment policies are then described. The hardware architecture is composed of a set of clusters: each cluster is a tightly-coupled multiprocessor. Within a cluster, specialized hardware is provided for memory protection and management, and for interprocessor communication. The kernel implements the run-time support for a csp-like, message-based concurrent programming language. The implemented prototype includes an integrated set of fault-tolerance mechanisms, inserted in the system programming language and run-time support, and in the physical architecture. These are used to develop a fault-treatment policy, consisting of separate phases of diagnosis, reconfiguration and recovery. All of these are executed by sets of parallel processes, without a supervisor entity. Diagnosis is provided, in particular by a set of dedicated processes, one of which runs in each computer element, while reconfiguration and recovery are obtained through instrumentation of the application code. 100 references.

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