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De-Francesco N., Fantechi A., Natali A., Vaglini G. Modelli ad ambiente locale per la cooperazione tra processi : nondeterminismo, attivazione, e terminazione. In: Rivista di Informatica, vol. 24 (2-b) pp. 125 - 147. Elsevier, 1984.
The characteristics of activation and termination of processes and of nondeterminism in interprocess communication are discussed in this paper with respect to some local environment languages for concurrent programming. As in a companion paper /5/, of which this work represents the logical continuation, we have discussed these characteristics mainly referring to two models: the Hoare's Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) and the Brinch Hansen's Distributed Processes (DP). Moreover, several outcomes of this analysis have been employed for a deep understanding and a critical view of nondeterminism and of activation and termination in the tasking feature of the Ada* language
Subject Ada language

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