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Murri L., Stefanini A., Bonanni E., Cei G., Navona C., Denoth F. Hemispheric EEG differences during rem sleep in dextrals and sinistrals. In: Research Communications in Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavior, vol. 9 (1) pp. 109 - 120. 1984.
Variations in EEG total power and in single frequency bands during REM sleep have been studied in normal right-handed and left-handed subjects. A reduction in the R/L ratio was observed in right-handed subjects while a statistically significant increase was noted in left-handed subjects. In a number of this subjects, a wakening was provoked during REM sleep using non-verbal auditory stimuli. The R/L ratio found in REM sleep did not show any significant variation in the immediately successive wakeful state. The results indicate that the presence of a power asymmetry during REM sleep is in that this asymmetry frequently changes immediately after experimental awakening.
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