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Sprugnoli R., Leoni G. Compiled searching : a digital method for static tables look-up. Internal note IEI-B83-18, 1983.
The concept of "compilation" is used to generate a searching program from a table of keys. Underlying the compiled program there is a perfectly balanced compilation tree, the binary search tree along which the keys are retrieved in the table by a digital method. This assures an extremely low execution time for the program. which is shown to be comparable in speed to any presently available method, including perfect hashing functions. Besides, the method is very simple, easily implementable and does not require any backtracking or exhaustive searching.
Subject D.3.4 Processors : compilers
E.1 Data Structures: tables, trees
E.2 data storage representation: hash-table representation
F.2.2 Nonnumerical Algorithms and Problems: Sorting and searching

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