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Favilla M., Ghelarducci B., La-Noce A., Starita A. EMG responses of the vertical eye muscles to dynamic and static natural vestibular stimulation about different axes in alert rabbits. In: Brain Research, vol. 280 pp. 277 - 286. Elsevier, 1983.
The EMG responses of the vertical eye muscles have been recorder in alert intact rabbits submitted to both dynamic and static natural vestibular stimulation about different axes. Following dynamic vestibular stimulation, the phase lead of the EMG response with respect to head position as well as its sensitivity increased with stimulus frequency in all the stimulation modalities. This indicates progressive recruitment by the stimulus of the effective intermediate roll-pitch modality for all the 4 muscles. Following static stimulation, the EMG response showed an asymmetric modulation. The excitatory response was always higher than the inhibitory one and linearly related with the stimulus. Also for the static stimulation the amplitude of the response was significantly higher when the animal was tilted about the effective intermediate roll-pitch axis for all the 4 muscles. The presence of a maximal EMG response in the same modality for booth static and dynamic simulation indicates a similar spatial organization of those subgroups of ampullar and macular receptors projecting the same eye muscles.
Subject Vestiblo ocular reflex
Natural vestibular simulation
Eye muscles
Alert rabbit
Macular and ampullar convergence

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