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Muratorio A., Murri L., Stefanini A., Caroti F., Denoth F., Navona C. Analisi automatica dell'EEG dopo somministrazione di fosfolipidi cerebrali nell'uomo. In: Rivista Italiana di EEG e Neurofisiologia Clinica, vol. 3 (1) pp. 117 - 123. SocietÓ Italiana di EEG e Neurofisiologia, 1982.
Pharmacological data indicate that bovine cortex phospholipids (BC-PL) have CNS effects. Based on the hypothesis that drugs would change human EEG activity, the effects of BC-PL were studies in four healthy male voluntaries (age range of 26-36 years). The placebo and the drug in different dosages (200 and 400 mg.) were administered per i.v. at different times. No side effects were observed in any subject. Records were made continously up to 48 min for two lead derivations (P_4-O_2, P_3-O_1). The percentage power distribuition over the δ, θ, α, β bands and the r.m.s. value of the EEG signal in the 1-25 Hz band were computed by a HP 2100+HP 5451/B System. Results were evaluated by using a significance test based on the Behrens' distribution and indicate that BC-PL induce variations of EEG activity, not in the same way in all subjects, but depending on the basal EEG. Generally there was a reduction of slow an an increase of fast frequencies. There were not appreciable dose-related changes.

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