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Murri L., Stefanini A., Navona C., Domenici L., Muratorio A., Goldstein L. Automatic analysis of the hemispheric EEG relationships during wakefulness and sleep. In: Research Communications in Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavior, vol. 7 (1) pp. 109 - 118. PJD Publication Ltd, 1982.
It has been hypothetized that the visuo-spatial and holistic peculiarities and bizarreness of dreams reflect a predominance of the right (R) hemispheric activity during REM sleep (Jouvet, 1973; Bakan, 1975; Broughton, 1975). A support for this concept came from the work of Goldstein et al, (1972) in which, using integrated EEG amplitude analysis, a prevalent activation in the left (L) hemisphere was found during NREM sleep, which shifted to the R during REM sleep. These results were confirmed by Hirshkowitz et al, (1979) and Murri et al (1980). However, Antrobus et al (1978) could not find any difference in EEG asynmetry between the two sleep states. In the present study a larger number of subjects were involved. As will be seen, the results confirm our previous findings.

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