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Carmignani G. An algorithm for the 3-D display by splines approximations. Internal note IEI-B81-15, 1981.
In many problems of soil conservation it is interesting to dispose a 3-D display of land aspects. Mainly this is been necessary for the set-up of a simple method of automatic locating of pedologic profile and for a 3-D represeatation of interpolating surfaces of enough data and profiles parallely distributed. The literature [1],[2],[3],[4], has suggested a comparison with other methods of interpolation of data, such comparison has suggested the choise of splines because they do not present the typical oscillation of other polynomial approximations. It was easy,by splines,to hold the boundary conditions (second derivates zero) and sufficient regularyty of the shape functions. In this paper it is also deseribed the algorithm used for the picture (with hidden 1ines) and, at the end, some tests are proposed.

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