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Ciompi P., Grandoni F., Simoncini L. Self-diagnosis in multimicroprocessor systems: the MUTEAM approach. In: International Conference on Fault Tolerant Systems and Diagnostics (Brno, 1981). Proceedings, pp. 193 - 199. 1981.
The requirement of high dependability is one of the most important issues which has been raised by the introduction of complex computing systems and by their use in real time application control. In particular, attention has to be focused on the need of suitable and powerful diagnostic tools for enhancing the maintainability of the system. These concepts represent the guideline of the MuTEAM project. MuTEAM is an experimental, distributed multimicroprocessor system developed for the National Computer Science Program of the Italian National Research Council. Two companion papers /1.2/ deal with the architectural aspects and operating system kernel of the MuTEAM while in this paper a proposal for embedding self-diagnostic facilities in a multimicroprocessor system and the under lying fault treatment strategy of the MuTEAM is presented. The interest in a self-diagnostic approach is motivated by the fact that: a) it can be made modular and can be fitted to the actual resources in the system; b) it is functionally distributed, since no centralized control is strictly required; c) constitutes a valid solution for an efficient testing by conveniently exploiting the parallelism of multiprocessor systems; d) can be implemented at a sufficiently high level of abstraction and therefore can be considered independent by the used technologies; e) can be used for a periodic diagnosis as an easy maintenance aid, to pinpoint errors caused by latent faults to avoid a possible catastrophic failure of the system caused by the superimposition of many undetected faults; f) can be considered an aid to the online fault detection and diagnosis without the need of interrupting the normal computation of the system (concurrent diagnosis /3/); g) they can be fitted to degraded configurations of the system without a complete loss of diagnostic power.

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