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Alia G., Martinelli E. An assessment of circuit switching network functionalities. Progetto finalizzato Informatica, sottoprogetto P1 MUMICRO. 1980. Document n. IEI-F80-23, 1980.
Circuit switching networks (CSN) are devices providing electrical interconnection paths between a set of input terminals and a set of output ternlinals, by means of a set of switch elements controlled by a proper logic. First developed for telephone applications, CSN are being used more and more extensively also in computer architecture, but a good understend of their features is required in order to take advantage from them. In this paper an assessment of the subject is proposed, with regard to network functionalities, and some related results are discussed. Moreover a set of significant parameters, useful to characterize the properties of various functionalities, is introduced and expressions to valuate them are given.

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