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Dameri E., Levi G. AISS: un ambiente integrato per lo sviluppo di software. Progetto finalizzato Informatica, sottoprogetto P1 C-NET. 1980. Document n. IEI-F80-20, 1980.
The paper is a rationale for the definition of the architecture of a distributed integrated programming environment. The first section considers the general properties of the environment (integration, open-end-ness, granularity, interactivity). Then the aspect of distribution is contrasted with the conventional time-sharing environment. The third section is concerned with the host-target problem and suggests a solution which allows the programming environment to be (partially) supported both on the host and on the target machine. The relation between environment and programming languages is then considered, leading to the proposal of a single-language system, in which a high-level programming language is used as system, application and command langua- ge. Finally, a characterization is given of the kernel of the environ- ment, which is a coordinated set of tools. Each tool is related to specific program-life phases and/or specific project responsibilities. The basic set of tools is concerned with programming, debugging, system configuration, project management and communication.

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