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Pinzani R., Pippolini F., Sprugnoli R. Milling machine by APL. In: APL-80 (Amsterdam,Paesi Bassi, 1980). Proceedings, pp. 159 - 164. North Holland Publishing Company, 1980.
This paper de scribes how we used APL as a powerful programming language in the solution of a difficult problem. This problem was to reproduce a given solid S by means ofa milling machine ; this machine leaves some residurs on the surface of the reproduced solid and our final goal was to minimize th e cleaning up operations, necessary to obtain a perfect reproduction. The main difficulty we faced was the incompatibility between the movements of the cutter and the characteristics of S. APL proved to be an efficient tool for a fast design and validation of the solution algorithm. Furthermore the APL conversational features were very useful, since the user has to control the execution of the algorithm.

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