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Favilla M., Ghelarducci B., Starita A. The dynamic discharge properties of oculomotor neurons in rabbits with intact and canal-plugged labyrinthers during sinusoidal lateral tilt. In: Neuroscience Letters, vol. 16 pp. 35 - 39. Elsevier, 1980.
The characteristics of the control exerted by macular and ampullar vestibular receptors on oculomotor neurons (OMN) have been investigated by submitting unanesthetized, encéphale isolé rabbits, with intact and canal-plugged labyrinths, to sinusoidal lateral tilts of varying frequencies (0.013-0.2Hz). For frequencies of tilt above 0.025 Hz, corresponding to peak angular accelerations suprathreshold for canal related vestibular neurons, both phase and sensitivity of the OMN response differ significantly in the two types of At lower frequencies of tilt the characteristics of the OMN response are, on the contrary, very similar, thus indicating that also in the intact animals the control of the vertical vestibulo-ocular reflex, in this frequency range, is exerted almost exclusively by the otoliths.

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