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Corsini P., Frosini G., Lopriore L. Special-purpose computer for video signal Processing in radar systems. In: IEE Proceedings, vol. 127 (4) pp. 109 - 119. Institution of Electrical Engineers. Publishing Department, 1980.
A special-purpose computer for processing video signals in radar systems is presented. The main part of the computer is an array of Q processmg elements (PEs), all driven by the same microprogrammed control block. Each PE handles four bits in parallel, and carries out arithmetic and logic operations on operands from 4-16 bits long. It contains a local mernory and an unconventional microprocessor designed to be custom integrated on a 40-pin chip. A set of problem-oriented instructions has been defined, giving efficient implementation of algorithms used in radar computations. The computer can assume different configurations, making it suitable for a large class of radar systems.
Subject signal processing

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