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Bedini L., Bramanti M., Denoth F. Analysis of the electromagnetic interaction between a resonator and a lossy dielectric body as a first theoretical approach to non-invasive heart movement detection. In: IEEE Transactions Biomedical Engineering, vol. BME-27 (11) pp. 623 - 630. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1980.
In this paper the electromagnetic interaction between a resonator and lossy dielectric body is examined by means of a simple model suitable for computer simulation; the body was assumed to have a revolution from and the resonator was electromagnetic coupled to the body by its inductive element constituted by a planar circular or spiral coil. On basis of the model a computer program was derived which allows simple nurnerical evaluation of the variation in the resonant frequency caused by the interaction mentioned above. The model was tested in different experimental conditions with satisfactory results.

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