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Corsini P., Frosini G., Galati G., Grandoni F., La Manna M. The serial microprocessor array (SMa) : microprogramming and application exemples. In: 5th Annual Symposium on Computer Architecture (1978). Proceedings, pp. 230 - 235. New York, IEEE, ACM, 1978.
The structure of the Processing Element (PE), which is the basic component of SMA, is presented. The PE consists of a simple serial arithmetic unit, a local high speed data memory, serial input and output ports, serial communication channels with neighbouring PEs, and some local control logic. The PE array operates under the control of a microprogrammed Array Controi Unit (ACU). The peculiarities of ACU microprogramming are discussed, and some typical microprograms are reported. After presentation of the SMA principal instructions, some application programs are described implementing common radar filtering algorithms.

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