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Corsini P., Frosini G. Interconnecting asynchronous control networks. In: Information and Control, vol. 38 pp. 343 - 366. Academic Press, 1978.
The paper deals with the problem of obtaining an asynchronous control network through the combination of smaller ones, preserving some network properties. A control network is a set of interconnected circuits, each one performing an asynchronous sequential function. The operation speed of such a circuit is supposed to be unknown, and stray delays of arbitrary size are supposed to be present on the interconnection wires. An abstract model is utilized as a means of describing network behavior. Two network properties are considered. i.e., persistence (no signal is lost) and activity (there are no hang-up situations). Necessary and sufficient conditions are established to assure that a network, obtained by interconnecting smaller ones, is persistent and/or active.

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