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Carlesi C., Fraccalini O., Thanos C. DETAREL : a generalized minicomputer relational data base management system. In: MIMI 77. Mini and Microcomputers and their Applications. ISMM third Annual Symposium (Zurich, 1977). Proceedings, pp. 101 - 106. Acta Press, 1977.
In this paper we discuss the design and implementation of a mini computer relational data base management system: the Decision TABLE RELATIONAL system (DETAREL). DETAREL is a generalized data base management system based on_Codd's relational model of data. It is designed and implemented at the Istituto di Elaborazione della Informazione of the National Research Council and it is running on the HP- 2100F computer. It has a decision table interface to enable the uset to specify requests and data manipulation commands without the aid of a programmer. All the facilities are integrated in one high level user oriented language. The DATAREL system, in addition of being a stand-alone data base management system, gives the basis for the HP 2100 computer to be a node in a distributed data base.

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