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Frosini G., Viterbo F. Computing the frequency of a sampled sinusoidal function. In: IFIP Congress 77 (Toronto, 1977). Proceedings, pp. 183 - 187. 1977.
This paper deals with the problem of evaluating the frequency F of a sinusoidal function y(x). given N samples Yi. i=1.2, ... N. that represent values of y(x) affected by errors Ei having a Gaussian distribution. The samples are uniformly spaced at intervals Ax. For this purpose an algorithm is proposed that requires at most 4N additions and 2 divisions to be performed. The error Ef affecting F has been estimated by simulation. It has been found that Ef has quite a Gaussian distribution (for N>10). and. if the standard deviation of the errors Ei is less than 25% of the amplitude of y(x). than the mean and the standard deviation of Ef are only a few percent of the maximum value of F. i.e of Fmax= 1/(26x).

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