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Bramanti M., Denoth F. A multichannel telemetric system for biomedical signals. In: First Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering (Sorrento, Napoli, 1977). Proceedings, pp. 14.9 - 14.12. 1977.
The problem of trasmission of biomedical signals by means of radio waves or by telephon lines has received in past years the attention of several researchers and industrial organizations (1,2). The need of such aids in medical field was confirmed by international communication committees and at present a set of rules exists for such transmission systems (3). This paper reports the activity recently undertaken at IEI-CNR of Pisa in the field of biomedical telemetry via switched telephon 1ines. In this first part of the work the trans mission of ECG signals was principa11y considered; nevertheless the trans-receiver system was structured in such a way that it can be easily adapted to transmit other biomedical signals as electroencephalograms (EEG), peripheral pulses (PP) ,arterial blood pressures (CBP) and, by reducing the number of channels, signals with broader bandwidth, such electromiograms and phcnocardiograms.

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