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Aiello L., Aiello M., Weyhrauch R. W. PASCAL in LCF : semantics and examples of proofs. In: Theoretical Computer Science, vol. 5 pp. 135 - 177. North Holland, 1977.
An axiomatization in LCF of a substantial subset of PASCAL (including I/O) is presented. The syntax of such a subset is introduced and the LCF axioms defining the corresponding semantics are discussed. Sample theorems about the semantic definitions are shown. As an example of use of this axiomatization for proving properties of programs (with a machine checked proof), we present the correctness of a program for the "McCarthy Airline" reservation system. An interesting aspect of such a program is that it deals with a potentially infinite sequence of inputs. An LCF theorem asserting its (partial) correctness is then presented, with its proof, carried out using the Stanford LCF proof checker.

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